Sunday, January 21, 2007

In hope and faith...

Unfortunately we've had a turn of bad news in our journey to adopt molly. It seems her birth father has been disagreeable in signing the adoption papers, and other legal means will have to be used to make Molly officially a Graham come this June. It was an upsetting turn of events for us, we had so hoped for a smooth road. But, I guess I should have anticipated a glich somewhere, and here it is. Seems as though we do have to face opposition when the forces of good go to work in our lives. We invite you to add your faith to ours as we hope for this next step in the process to go smoothly and without opposition, that Molly Elizabeth can indeed become a Graham. We should hear in the next 30 days if smooth sailing has been our fate, and then at that time we hope to anticipate no further delay in a June finalization. If not, the legal system will do it's thing and as long as the birthfather's rights are removed before June we can still finalize then-otherwise we wait with baited breath until it all settles and finalize when it does. Not before June, but possibly after if steps are taken against the adoption. Oh how we hope for June.

It is a funny thing with Molly. She came to us by surprise, with little warning and no real hope of permanance. AFter a time we felt in our hearts she had such a place with us, but knew it was not in our hands and there was nothing in our power to make her ours but prayer and love. As we wanted her, we loved her as our own and have even felt willing to raise her without her carrying our name, making her part of our family in every way but that. The gift of her adoption was not saught after, only secretly hoped for, and it was such a timely blessing and comfort when Molly's birthmom so aptly chose adoption for Molly. I didn't anticipate a fight of any kind-even knowing the birthfather was a bit obstanate to say the least. I guess it is apporpriate that we'd need to add faith and work to this process. After all, every child worth loving is a child worth fighting for. And every child is worth loving.

So, we'll fight if we have to. I pray we don't. I want our faith and the legal system to be enough. But, if it is not, we'll do all we have to and more to give Molly our name and make her forever a Graham. Posted by Picasa

My Favorite Mess

So, It is now mid-January and I've been away from my blog for some time. I'm pretty sure no one actually reads this any more, especially now that Lucy is home and instead of being some novelty, world traveling mom of 6 i'm just now a crazy, in-over-my-head mom of 6 trying to figure out how to be all my kids need me to be and still keep the house from crashing know what I mean I'm sure.

Anyway, a while ago I took down all the Christmas decorations, but I saved my favorite mess for last. Every year John and I send out over 200 Christmas cards. It is the cursed blessing of several moves and wonderful friends. We didn't keep official track this year, but we are pretty sure we sent cards to at least half of our 50 states, along with cards to Canada, China, Sweden, England and costa Rica. I'm sure I've missed a couple of other spots, but you get the picture. It is a big project and kinda pricey, but it is one of our favorite holiday traditions to remember the rich and wonderful life we enjoy thanks to all of you, our friends.

The total upside to sending out tons of cards, is getting cards in return. We string them all over the house, use them as garland and decor. We love to read how our friends are doing, see how the kids have grown and remember lovely times with wonderful people. By the end of the holiday seasons we have upwards of 200 cards strewn all over the house, and it is a little bit of a mess to find them all and do the responsible thing in recycling...but it is my favorite mess of the year. I love the chance to remember the blessing of friendship. The reminder of a day at the beach with Gabe and Judson, or a picnic on the deck with the Mancini's , reading each card is a wonderful walk through the richness of the life I've had thus far.

I know when I kick the bucket I won't have any of the "stuff" I deal with now. Houses, clothes, cars, even a body fit enough to race triathlon-it'll all go the way of all the earth. But I believe in my heart of hearts that these friendships, names and faces on holiday cards, they will remain. Those lovely and wonderful relationships will continue-and hopefully we'll actually see those we love more often and won't have to resort to the trouble and mess of holiday cards to catch up on the latest goings on.

For now, I'll write the cards and recycle the ones we get each holiday. What a true gift of the season to remember the lives of those we love and enjoy a memory or two as we open, display and recycle my favorite mess.
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