Friday, May 04, 2012

Its happening before my eyes...

I've been watching them grow up before my very eyes...
Lucy's play group happens each Wednesday after school. I hostess one week and then 
wonderful mothers of these darling daughters take a turn in rotation. Our last play group 
is coming Lucy is graduating from kindergarten and moving into full day school.

Life is happening before my very eyes. My mother in law once told me that once my kids hit Junior High they'd be graduated from High School before I knew it. it is definitely true that the year has passed with lightening speed, and we have only one year more until our son leaves the nest and everything changes. So I've tried to put first things very very first, and that has meant that blogging just hasn't hardly happened at all.

It has been so long since I posted on my blog that the entire format of the blogger site has changed and now its taking my 3 times as long to post as it used to! I feel like I'm new at blogging, and I may as well be. Its been months since I sat to write something here.

I've been watching my children grow. And trying to keep up with all we do to help them grow in to being productive good and good natured people.

Its exhausting difficult sometimes painful work. And right now, its dotted with joy though not dripping with joy-but I think this work is like that.

I want to document trips we taken, things I've thought about and ideas I have. Check back here on Monday and hopefully you'll see loads of life happening in our house.