Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Things my kids have said lately...

Molly-as we walked through the new City Creek Shopping Center together last week-said:
"mom, this is a mall. But its next to a Temple!"
"You are right Molly" I replied...

"But the temple is SACRED mom! We shouldn't be shopping where it is SACRED!"

hmmmm...out of the mouths of babes?

Mason-at parent teacher conference last night (which I was impressed he wanted to attend with me) said something like this to his AP European History teacher:

"Please don't take my very occasional head resting as any indication that I'm not interested in your class".  This was in response to his teacher asking him if he found the material interesting...

(Mason has this class the first hour of the day. An hour before that he is sitting in his seminary class. He studies until 11 at night and is up by 5:30 in the morning; and he is doing it on his own. I was very proud of him last night as I heard from each of his teachers that he is personally responsible and is doing fine in their classes. He is growing and maturing and that makes me happy.)

Lucy-as we drove away from leaving Molly for an appointment:

"Mom, Molly and I are such good friends"
I answered I was glad to hear that news (!)
she then replied "and we are sisters too! That's two good things in a row mom!"

Who could ask for two better things in a row to hear from her daughter?

Madi-I haven't heard lots to laugh about coming out of Madi lately, but I do want to report that her friends think she is super funny! She has always been quick to a punch line and she is very very witty-it is nice to hear her humor isn't going to waste, she has just started using it on a bigger audience!

Porter-after returning from a day long LaCrosse tournament with Pro LAX players coaching his team
"mom, the coaches said I'd get better at LaCrosse if I took my stick with me everywhere I go. They said I should even sleep with it!"

that night, we 'tucked in' the LAX stick right next to Porter in bed, it was curled up in its own blanket and everything (Porter is 10, keep in mind:)

Brynley uses this funny voice that she has copied from "Miranda" the Youtube teen sensation...Bryn has this voice down pat and pulls it out whenever she can at home to get a laugh out of her parents. I've realized lately that the Miranda voice tends to ask for things like TV on school nights or renting extra netflix episodes of Vampire Diaries...that Miranda, doesn't she know the Graham family rules?

She is learning them quickly!

A mother in line at parent teacher conference asked last night how all our kids are doing; it was nice to answer 'they are doing great thanks' and really really mean it. I don't know if its because we've lived here a while or if they are just growing up a little bit more, but it seems the last few months they've settle into school and activities and all seem pretty happy and content. While I'm feeling like a chicken with her head cut off most days, it is nice to see my kids relaxed and learning, and fun and funny too.