Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Keepin' it Real folks...

So as I swept floors and ordered my older children to turn on just the right lights and set out the real flowers (which may I just interject that our budget cannot continue to afford) "just in case" someone wanted to look at our house while we were at church
(pregnant pause here)

the little girls put on their own Sunday shoes and stockings.

I did not realize which Sunday shoes and stockings they had put on until we were unloading the kids in the church parking lot.

Apparently stride rite and stripes is the new reverent for Sacrament meeting. And I hadn't realized that it is actually o.k. to wear white after Labor Day as long as that white is a pair of summer sandals worn with NO stockings in the middle of winter...

oh, and no one came into the house while we were worshiping in stride rite and summer sandals.
sigh, and happy Tuesday to you all.


Sharon said...

"StrideRite and stripes is the new reverent." Love it.

Liz said...

Honestly, only another mother could read this and laugh with true appreciation of what it comes to somedays. Things you thought would never happen at your house and than it does. I can hardly stop smiling...I am hearin' ya sista!