Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I sent the kids off to school.
they walk you know.
As I was getting the other kids ready to go to their schools (the middle schooler goes after the elementary school kids and the pre school kids go after the middle schooler)
the elementary school kids came back home.
Because school had been closed
due to bad weather.

So i sent my children
to walk to school
in weather that was so bad
that school was closed.

Great parenting in action...

We watched Horton Hears a Who
and I spent a lot of time on the computer while the kids played with toys upstairs
We had "get smart time" which was time devoted to making ourselves smarter for a while (as in doing book reports, extra credit and math facts for a while)
Then we cleaned house
and went to the bookstore where a few of my children blew their allowance

home for dinner, baths 30 minutes of tv (tv DOES NOT HAPPEN on school nights in this house, this is a BIG DEAL!)

mom time before bed
then bed
now I am back at the computer, but finishing now so I can go to bed

maybe tomorrow I'll drive the kids
that way if they cancel school again, at least I'll have the comfort of knowing that I hadn't sent them out in the cancellation-worthy weather.

An unexpected day
how was yours?


MamiJo said...

I did the same thing! Well, almost- mine ride and yesterday got pretty wet so I was dropping them off at the corner...
Good job on only 30 min of TV. Mine thought it was a free-for-all and I was trying to get them off it all day.

bludworths said...
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bludworths said...

We are on our third "snow" day here in Kentucky and are going just a little crazy! I think I'll have to employ the get smart time because we have watched way too much tv!

Amanda Jane said...

my kid walks to school in 20 degree weather every day. in the inversion that is so bad they can't have recess outside. does that make me a bad mother? it's all realative I guess!

Jessica said...

That sounds like such a lovely day! But here in UT you pretty much know when the weather is bad enough to cancel school, what was happening in D for school to be canceled?

Anonymous said...

Snow Day?! What's a snow day. I don't think we have those here in Utah anymore. And like Amanda, I let my kids walk to school in the inversion too. If it doesn't kill them, it will only make them stronger, Right:)

Gayle said...

Jenny just installed our super duper digital TV converter and now I have a weather station! I can watch Dallas and see what the weather is and I'll call and tell you if it is a school day or not!
Really, what was happening there that they had to close the schools??!! Your day did sound delightful to me too.