Thursday, January 22, 2009

A piece of humble pie

I'm serving it up to myself. As I pondered my proud words concerning Mason's scout award I realized one very important thing;

My scout conversion? Happened pretty much AFTER Mason earned most of those merit badges. The parent who was the behind the scenes reason why Mason is almost an Eagle?

Definately not me, but instead it is JOHN, whose name was not even connected to Mason's big deal in yesterday's post.

John is the reason Mason has the right troop number stuck to the sleeve of his shirt.
John is the reason Mason has all his merit badges stuck to the sash on his chest.
John is the reason Mason has most of the uniform, gear and equipment necessary for a scout.
John is the reason most of the merit badges get finished, because John is the one who has compiled the 500,000 page check list of all the requirements for all the merit badges, courts of honor, camping excursions and service projects that must take place before Mason can be an Eagle.

It's all John my friends; very little of me. But, now that I've "come to see the light" I bet I'll not have to squirm quite so much when they call me up to stand next to my scout as he pins me with one of those really cool "you did a lot of the work, we know" pins they give the boys to give to their moms. Until now I've always known that it was John who deserved to get stuck with those beauties.

Just had to get that off my chest.

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kelberology 101 said...

I was just thinking that Dave has done all the boy scouting! But and big but I think, They never would have made it through cub scouts without me! Not that anyone really cares about cub scouts anyway, I'm just saying......