Friday, January 02, 2009

She did it!

This dear Friend

Wrote this terrific book

About 2 years ago my friend, Supermom DeAnne Flynn, had a bunch of wonderful women over for a birthday lunch. I was lucky enough to be among the guests, and as I sat amid the greatness in the room the conversation turned (as it so often does among mothers) to our children, and how we navigate their needs in this very complicated world. DeAnne seemed to lead the discussion, and being the super journalist she is trained to be, she held an open interview right there; asking all sorts of questions and gathering all kinds of perspective about how tied up in knots we as mothers can become as we try to know which things to encourage our kids to pursue and which things to encourage our kids to let be.

And she said as we discussed, "ya know, I really want to write a book about this, because I think a lot of parents are suffering from this concept of helping their kids develop their talents, and instead they get caught in a talent trap."

And that desire to write a book worked in her, and then guess know what? She wrote the book.

And she got it published

And it is full to common sense information and good advice. Even a paragraph of my advice is sprinkled in with her words of wisdom.

You can read it and get a lot from it. And you can let me know what you think of it here once you're done.

But more than plug DeAnne's book, I want to sing DeAnne's praises. 'Cause she did what she set out to do. She didn't just start, she didn't just stew, she sat down and researched and interviewed and wrote and read and edited and asked others to edit and in the end...

She did it. And I'm proud of her for it. Way to go you super mom! Way to go you super journalist! Thanks for finishing, and for sharing what you learned with the rest of us.

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amanda jane said...

my curiosity is tingling - where do I get my hands on it?